It’s that time again….

writing pic


The last day of July…  The beginning of this ^ view for 180 days….  I don’t know about your district, but mine goes back to work on Monday.   My summer flew… several days of inservices, a trip for a wedding, and helping keep some precious boys: 12, 6, & newborn.   But even in the busy, I feel somewhat refreshed.   

One of my favorite things about summer break is that my brain has a chance to roll around what I’ve learned all year and *really* categorize & figure out how to use all that information instead of just being so overwhelmed.   

My summer inservices have centered around writing instruction… very good for me; I think I sucked last year.  Or at least didn’t stand up to what I think it should have been.   So I’ve also spent the last several days hammering out what I hope is going to be an effective self-assessment for my 8th graders AND an effective grading tool for me 🙂

self assessment grading tool for writing

If this will work for you, please feel free to tweak it however you want.   I plan on going over each section and discussing what the criteria really mean.   Then, the plan is (in my head) to group them by what they need the most so I can do writing workshops the majority of my writing time instead of whole-class generic instruction.   

In Tennessee, my students are also required to write 1 “long-term” research piece each 9-weeks.   I plan on breaking this down into weekly chunks that we can go over during these workshops.   Hopefully… if this works, like I think it *should*, their writing pieces should be mostly graded by the time they turn them in and it will be a much quicker grade for me.   I will be sharing that as I flesh it out a little more.

Good luck, this year… I hope you have many triumphs and not so many trials!


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