On the edge… Getting to our kids before they fall off….



Are you really aware of how much our students see?   I spent a portion of my afternoon trying to console a child who was having a meltdown…   no, it wasn’t over a boy, money, clothes or anything else we accuse teens of being so wrapped up in.  It was over the death of a friend, threats from the people who killed the friend, the possibility of moving…..  Oh, and withdrawl…  (not caffeine, if you get my drift).  

 It is November….  How did I miss this child hurting so much?   Why couldn’t I give her a magic solution that would be a salve for her heart?  It is days like today that I want to have my students all day long and teach them all subjects and do home visits.   But I think I might still miss this.   I don’t want to know that my students have access to, or at least know how to, access drugs… hard drugs.  I don’t want my students to experience death, let alone witness it and be the one to call 911.   I don’t want them to feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and feel like they can’t talk to anyone else because “it would add to their stress”.   BUT…. they do…  every day… even in the rural area in which I live.   

I don’t know if I did or said all the right things today; in fact, I’m sure I didn’t.  If I know myself, I’m certain I said at least one dumb thing.   And I gave out my cell phone number.   I just couldn’t deal with the idea that the child would go home and feel lost… alone… 

Teachers, parents, anyone who has anything to do with kids…..    let’s all attempt to keep our eyes open a little more….  talk to our kids… really talk…. and be as available as possible…..  BEFORE they fall of the edge.   ❤




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