lonely trees, rainbows, and choosing to teach with joy

ImageToday I feel like this tree… lonely, half-seen, & wrong…   There are days when I feel great about everything I do in my classroom and I know I am getting through to my students… but then I have meetings….  Meetings where it feels like I am alone in my love of teaching, my love of children, and my opinion that common core might actually NOT destroy our children.   *sigh*

But… there are rainbows in the rain and in the darkness, both… ImageSo…. with that said, I choose to teach with joy… even on days when I don’t feel particularly like it…  I am going to find the rainbow… the kid that is amazed that I noticed the new haircut, the kid I might have kept from cutting today….   

Find the rainbows and live in them….   don’t let being the lonely tree destroy who you are or want to be.


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