Broken heart

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I am a bleeding heart…  Now I have a broken one.


One of my students has just looked so downhearted for a few days, so I cornered her…  She’s been homeless for nearly 2 weeks… She said, “I’ve just got a lot on my mind right now.”   (Can you hear the cracking of my heart?)


What do we do with this?   I want to bring her home with me… but that’s not happening… I want to tell her to just not worry about her journal and other things…  but that’s not happening either.  Broken heart or not, I know that’s foolish.  So instead, I just made a sad sounding offer for food or clothes if she needs and an ear when the burden is too heavy.

I know we’ve all been here..  but why is this such an epidemic in our society?  Why are teachers left feeling like we have to be superman…  mom, dad, counselor, etc. with teacher, often, coming in close to last?   How can we reverse this trend?


My heart is breaking tonight, and I have no answers….  thanks for reading.

One thought on “Broken heart

  1. That is hard when a very empathetic teacher like you feels helpless when it comes to the burdens our students carry! But, know that your love and kindness, prayers, and thoughts do help her! She will carry that in her heart…

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