Note to Self:


I am exhausted…   it is week 2 and I. am. wiped. out.     Teaching is traditionally a service profession.   We come in to education knowing and expecting to be undervalued, underpaid and overextended.    Well, I did.   I don’t think there has been a day in 2 weeks that i have had less than a 10 hour day or that I haven’t brought stuff home.   Last night, Friday, I left school at 5pm… and only because my farmer-guy decided it would be a good day to work in corn (read: shuck & silk 20+ dozen ears of corn).   I will return today in just a few minutes and probably spend 2 or 3 hours before I feel like I’ve done enough to leave it until Monday.   And even then, my thoughts will still be how to make things better… oh, and making the church bulletin and preparing for Children’s Church lesson after all that.   

I am that person, when everyone looks at each other wondering who is going to do “it”, I sigh and say “If it’s that big of a deal, I’ll do it!”….  and I do… and rarely does anyone help… and then, I am exhausted….   

Especially to first year teachers (or bleeding hearts like me)….  it’s ok to NOT volunteer for stuff.   It’s ok to say, “I just can’t take one more thing right now.”   

Even as I feel guilty about it, between new curriculum, new schedule structure, new administration, new partner, AND a student teacher(!) coming Monday…  I just need to ask for help from my church family….  I don’t know who will step up, I don’t know if I’ll have “my” 5 year old with me all church service because no one will…  but if I am to survive, I need help.  

So….  Note to self (and 1st years and bleeding hearts):

1.  Stop volunteering for stuff, it will get done.

2.  Say no when you know you are already over extended.

3.  Find something you love that is just for you.  (I Can NOT wait for volleyball season!  Nothing like digging, setting & serving to compete!)

4.  Take a nap/make sure you get enough sleep…. it really does help, I promise!

Ok, so, no more whining…  off to ask for help and do what I can for my kiddos!


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