Gotta Have a Plan B… or C… or…

love hate…. um….  have a complicated relationship with class discussions.  I love the idea of whole groups of children talking about ideas, developing relationships and argument skills.   I hate… No, I really HATE when I have a group of kids who just won’t talk to me.   

So, what do you do when you have 31 teenagers staring at you?   I can wait a long time but so can they.  I can threaten them with a writing assignment…. but I really don’t like doing that either.   Today my plan was to force them into small groups and then share with all of us.   I hope they grow into whole group, but I can live with small groups, too….  

Any ideas for making middle schoolers more comfortable with a big group setting?  Should I force it?   What are your thoughts?  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Gotta Have a Plan B… or C… or…

  1. I do the whole brain learning “teacher vs student” or in my case “counselor vs student” game. I set the rules of what earns points, they wanna kick my butt and therefore they talk (if thats a condition for points). Some of them do anyway…Just a thought from my newly involved teaching self

    • That’s a good idea… I bet if I made each group able to earn points it might work, too… And give points for using my accountable talk guidelines… Thanks!!!

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