Teaching is emotional.  Learning is emotional.  It can energize.  It can deplete.  

Today was my first school day with my new students.   There has been a LOT going on at my school already this year.  Between Common Core, Best Practices, new teachers, new administration, and changing my classes from 55 minutes to 100 minutes, I have been inundated with intense emotion.  In an earlier post, I made the statement that I was determined to be positive in the face of all the changes… and I still am… but I was SO grateful to see 125+ 8th graders walk in my building this morning… 

I woke up this morning, dressed extra carefully (make-up, heels and all!), and went in early.  First day, first impressions and all that jazz… But this year was different than other years I’ve started…  because of all the changes, none of us were really sure how this day would go… but once it got started… it was all about the kids ~ and I loved it.  I am energized & ready to go… There is so much hope in the first day of school, so many possibilities, so much we can do for the next 180 days.   

Today was emotional ~ but it was the best emotional it could be.  Years past I have needed a nap just to wrap my head around what the year was going to be… not today.   Today I am ready…  I hope that some of this gives you hope… and strength… 

For those of you who think teaching is “easy” because it’s not construction or manual labor, I invite you to my classroom to see how hard I work…. and that’s only when I’m “on stage”… So, yes, I’m emotional when the government doesn’t seem to teachers, when parents think I’m there to just pick on their kid..  I invest too much of my life and attach myself to these kids and their futures and pray over them and love them as if they were my own, or at least my family… 

Pardon me if my being emotional seems over done…   if my needing a nap seems ridiculous because my job is not physical enough… My whole self is on the line for every one of my 125+ kids… every day.  


3 thoughts on “Emotional

  1. I envy your 100 minutes. My time was cut from 65 to a little over 40, with the same number of standards. We had an upheaval in administration, time, and personnel last year. Last year was also overwhelmingly emotionally draining, so much so I seriously considered searching elsewhere. This year has started on a much more positive note, so I’m clinging fiercely to the hope of a better, more productive year. Stay tuned. Best of luck for a good year for you!

  2. Have a wonderful school year! I am getting excited to start mine after reading your blog. 🙂 Love and hugs from AK!

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