hollywood teacher-heroes

Every teacher movie I can think of has a solitary teacher going against the grain, pushing the limits and producing near-miraculous results.  For years after the inception of the public school, teachers were solitary professionals teaching all grades 1-8, and to beat all women teachers also had to be single.  Is it any wonder we (teachers) think that we have to be super heroes?

In my ideal world (yes, my head is sometimes in the clouds), teachers would be real teams.  I love the idea of having a small group of teachers (3-5?) have a common goal and a common theme to teach through during a 9-weeks.   I teach science and social studies and even occasionally math in my 8th grade   ELA class, BUT if you as a science or math or social studies teacher to have their students write 1 paragraph…….   it might be the end of the world… oh, and don’t forget that somehow means I have to teach less.  (Not sure how that works, exactly…)   I love my school and I love my team, I really hope we can set a new vision for us this year.   My heart almost aches with all that I think I might be able to do…. with support… my team, my administration…

I don’t really want to be a super hero….  but I do want to do the miraculous with my kids… or maybe I just want them to be miraculous… because they can with the right supports.  Maybe I do want to be a hollywood teacher…   ha…

There will be lots of prayers going up from this girls kitchen table this year…


One thought on “hollywood teacher-heroes

  1. Love your thoughts about teaching as a team. As a youth pastor of a church I have found that the pastor and I have gotten to the place where we make a great “Team”. I have only been at this place for 2 years now, and while the first few months were a little bumpy, I can say now that 95% of the time we are on the same page and moving in the same direction.
    I also Substitute teach and have been in classes where you can tell the teachers have a great team atmosphere and other where it’s no so great. It was a whole lot easier for me as a substitute to be able to work with the children who had gotten used to a team of teachers than it was for me to teach the “LONER” teachers class.

    Thanks for the Thoughts,

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